Voice Acting

Giving voice to:

  • Women
  • African Americans
  • Older Adults
  • Business Professionals
  • Nonprofits
  • Corporations

Your brand is a unique promise of value. Communicate it in living color.

Engaging your audience above the competitive noise is about becoming the brand of choice. And that means communicating trust. As a trained voiceover artist, I will have your audience hanging on each word so yours is the name they remember first.

Choose a voice that tells your audience, “I know you.”

Whether you’re building awareness or calling people to action, your message needs to set the right tone. After learning your audience demographics, I’ll select a voice that resonates on a deeply personal level, so your message feels like home.

As an experienced journalist, newscaster and producer, I’ve mastered the art of compelling communications. My distinctive vocal style blends authenticity with compassion, sophistication with humor, and brings credibility to every message I deliver.

My goal is to animate my clients’ brand identity by embodying WHO they serve and WHAT problems they help solve. I have a vocal ambiance that resonates uniquely with each target audience, and brings technical information to life.  My clients know that a convincing message generates more revenue, and that delivers more mission.

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